Monday, December 7, 2009

Independence Day@XIMB

15th August 1947- the day India made her 'Tryst with Destiny'. 62 years later, the day was celebrated with same grandeur in the XIMB campus. As the clock struck twelve at night, the students came together with a candle in their hands and its light reflecting in their eyes. Energy, enthusiasm and exuberance seemed to be bristling everywhere along with the monsoon showers which failed to dampen the spirit of XIMBians as they marched hand in hand. The morning after, the National Tricolour was unfurled amidst the gathering of Faculty and students. Each heart present over there was instilled with a renewed sense of pride as the National Anthem was sung. The day stands for attainment of perfect coherence and freedom from prejudices and biases amongst the inhabitants of this great Nation. The Social Responsibility Cell undertook the endeavour for making the day equally important for the people who usually do the most essential but the least appreciated job in the campus, the Mess Bhainas and the Security Guards. Series of events were organized for them in the evening which began with a relay race amongst the Bhainas and concluded with a Movie Screening exclusively for them.
As someone said “Freedom is nothing else but a chance to be better.” And the day stood as an exemplar of the same.


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