Saturday, December 12, 2009

Story of Stuff,

One of my friends forwarded me this video and I really liked it. It is awesome. Do take a look. After watching this video , I have become very conscious, about the waste that I generate everyday.
Do take a look and Enjoy!

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Friday, December 11, 2009

A Fight Against Terror

26th of November! An year ago, on this day the nation was caught off guard and thrown into a battle to defend its pride, integrity, security and unity within its own boundaries. This was the day when the financial capital of our country, Mumbai, was besieged by few terrorist. What ensued was a 60 hours of blood filled struggle, which left nearly 170 dead and more than 300 injured. To salute the brave officials who laid their life to save others in this struggle and to pay homage to the victims of the terror attack, the Social Responsibility Cell of Xavier Institute of Management organized a candle light vigil.
The ‘young leaders of tomorrow’ turned out in great number and spirit to commemorate the courage of those who fought the terrorists. To encourage the students, Prof.­ Banikanta Mishra was also present at the occasion. In his address to the students, he emphasised that the threat to the nation’s security has not yet subsided and is lurking around us. He added that more alarming is the passivity of the citizens toward terror and its harbingers. Prof. Mishra stressed upon the fact that merely celebrating an anniversary of the attack would not suffice unless it is accompanied by a resolve to fight back terror with our full strength. He also paid homage to the martyrs who have laid their lives time and again defending the nation from the pangs of terrorism.
With candles in their hands and hope in their hearts, the young XIMBians reiterated the pledge to rise above the barriers of caste, creed, community, religion or belief and to unite to fight against the menace of terrorism and most importantly to fight against the fear of it.

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Diwali Celebrations...In a Special Way!!

Diwali, the festival of light!! This is the time of the year when everything around radiates with a special glow, every heart reverberates with renewed spirits!! However there are many underprivileged kids who are deprived of the joy and the fun!! The never ever see how the atmosphere gets filled with sparkles of conviviality with each round of crackers going up in the air!!
We, the Social Responsibility Cell realised that by bringing happiness to these kids we could brighten up our the festival of light thousand times over!! And off we were to celebrate it with the Kids of Sneh, an orphanage in the nearby slum of SaliaSai. Our team took sweets and crackers for these kids. Indeed, celebrating Diwali with them and seeing their faces glowing with the glitters of joy and contentment, we realised that suddenly the dazzling festival never looked more beautiful than this!!

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Baal Mela@ XIMB

On the 25th of October, SRC took the initiative of bringing smiles to the faces of many children who are deprived of the bliss of a fulfilling life by supporting Professionals' Association for Action and Development (PAAD) n organizing 'BAL MELA'. PAAD's target group for the program were school dropouts, school going children from support centre through which they practice alternative and relevant methods of imparting education, nearby mainstream schools. The event was marked by Fun based science exhibition cum workshop, performances by support centre children and competitions in different categories like song, dance, art and quiz.
Watching the kids perform on the stage with unmatched elegance and confidence was a delight to the eyes!! Each of the painting drawn by them was a masterpiece in its own!!
Definitely more initiatives like this should be encouraged to include these children in the mainstream of our society!! After all, as the youngest members of our democracy they are the flag bearers of the eternal hope that we Indians have had in our hearts since ages!!

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tree Plantation Drive@ XIMB

On the 29th of July the XIMB campus looked even more resplendent than the bright afternoon. And the reason?? The Social Responsibility Cell of XIMB was on its way to organize its first mega event for the new academic session, A Tree Plantation Drive!!
The importance of trees is not concealed from anyone. Yet we hardly ever do acknowledge their contribution in maintaining the balance of our eco-system. The present forest and tree cover in the country according to the State of Forest Report 2001 of the Forest Survey of India is 23.03 per cent. According to the National Forest Policy, the country is required to achieve a forest cover target of 33 per cent cover by 2012.
The SRC took up this noble cause as its first step towards its vision making a difference. A total of 21 trees were planted by the students inside the campus. Watching the campus aglow with the green aura was definitely a treat to every eye!! And we are sure reading this many of you would be contemplating a similar drive in the place you live in!! After all of us are the inhabitants of the great Mother Earth...and the responsibility to protect her lies with each one of us!!

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Monday, December 7, 2009

Blood Donation Camp@XIMB

No act of humanity can be greater than saving a life!!
The Social Responsibility Cell of XIMB (SRC) organized a blood donation camp on the 24th of October, 2009 in cooperation with the Rotary Club, Bhubaneswar and the Red Cross Society.
The event saw a massive turnout with more than 60 blood bags being collected in a single day. This was the single largest turnout in any blood donation camp in Bhubaneswar since June 2009. The credit for this accomplishment goes to theindomitable spirit of XIMBians who came forward shedding their inhibitions and apprehensions to do their bit for the society. Mr J.K. Tripathy, the President of BBSR Rotary Club and Prof.Latha Ravindran were also there at the event to boost the morale of the participants and organizers. As someone once said, 'Blood is that fragile scarlettree we carry within us'; we duly hope that the fruits of this tree continue nurturing lives even when we are gone.

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Independence Day@XIMB

15th August 1947- the day India made her 'Tryst with Destiny'. 62 years later, the day was celebrated with same grandeur in the XIMB campus. As the clock struck twelve at night, the students came together with a candle in their hands and its light reflecting in their eyes. Energy, enthusiasm and exuberance seemed to be bristling everywhere along with the monsoon showers which failed to dampen the spirit of XIMBians as they marched hand in hand. The morning after, the National Tricolour was unfurled amidst the gathering of Faculty and students. Each heart present over there was instilled with a renewed sense of pride as the National Anthem was sung. The day stands for attainment of perfect coherence and freedom from prejudices and biases amongst the inhabitants of this great Nation. The Social Responsibility Cell undertook the endeavour for making the day equally important for the people who usually do the most essential but the least appreciated job in the campus, the Mess Bhainas and the Security Guards. Series of events were organized for them in the evening which began with a relay race amongst the Bhainas and concluded with a Movie Screening exclusively for them.
As someone said “Freedom is nothing else but a chance to be better.” And the day stood as an exemplar of the same.

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