Friday, December 11, 2009

A Fight Against Terror

26th of November! An year ago, on this day the nation was caught off guard and thrown into a battle to defend its pride, integrity, security and unity within its own boundaries. This was the day when the financial capital of our country, Mumbai, was besieged by few terrorist. What ensued was a 60 hours of blood filled struggle, which left nearly 170 dead and more than 300 injured. To salute the brave officials who laid their life to save others in this struggle and to pay homage to the victims of the terror attack, the Social Responsibility Cell of Xavier Institute of Management organized a candle light vigil.
The ‘young leaders of tomorrow’ turned out in great number and spirit to commemorate the courage of those who fought the terrorists. To encourage the students, Prof.­ Banikanta Mishra was also present at the occasion. In his address to the students, he emphasised that the threat to the nation’s security has not yet subsided and is lurking around us. He added that more alarming is the passivity of the citizens toward terror and its harbingers. Prof. Mishra stressed upon the fact that merely celebrating an anniversary of the attack would not suffice unless it is accompanied by a resolve to fight back terror with our full strength. He also paid homage to the martyrs who have laid their lives time and again defending the nation from the pangs of terrorism.
With candles in their hands and hope in their hearts, the young XIMBians reiterated the pledge to rise above the barriers of caste, creed, community, religion or belief and to unite to fight against the menace of terrorism and most importantly to fight against the fear of it.


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