Friday, December 11, 2009

Diwali Celebrations...In a Special Way!!

Diwali, the festival of light!! This is the time of the year when everything around radiates with a special glow, every heart reverberates with renewed spirits!! However there are many underprivileged kids who are deprived of the joy and the fun!! The never ever see how the atmosphere gets filled with sparkles of conviviality with each round of crackers going up in the air!!
We, the Social Responsibility Cell realised that by bringing happiness to these kids we could brighten up our the festival of light thousand times over!! And off we were to celebrate it with the Kids of Sneh, an orphanage in the nearby slum of SaliaSai. Our team took sweets and crackers for these kids. Indeed, celebrating Diwali with them and seeing their faces glowing with the glitters of joy and contentment, we realised that suddenly the dazzling festival never looked more beautiful than this!!


krishna priya said...

It is really nice to see XIMB students becoming more proactive and sensitive towards people outside the campus. Keep up the good work!

I have been observing for more than 14 years now - during the one week during X-pressions, a few lakhs of rupees are just blown away.

Can students have their fun and still use this money for better things such as supplying milk, fruits, protein food to children living across the street? Perhaps the money will be enough to help a number of families for the entire year! Maybe the students also need to know the value of money! Just a thought...

Mrs.Krishna Priya
c/o Prof. D. V. Ramana
#3, Faculty Quarters,XIMB

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