Sunday, December 11, 2011

Institute Day Celebration

Any institute or organization has mainly three levels of management i.e. top-level management, middle-level management and lower-level management. Each level forming an important and integral part of the organisation but as it has been rightly said that people at the bottom are the wheels of the organization who toil day in day out for smooth functioning of an organization. So we came up with a novel idea of celebrating our 24th Institute day with all the people who forms the foundation of our institute.

We had organised a talent hunt competition for mess workers, maintenance workers and security personals. Faculties were also invited to be a part of such a novel initiative. We experienced active participation and gave a platform to them to showcase their talent. The enthusiasm was high among the audience and cheering from them helped the participants to overcome their stage fear and perform to their utmost capabilities.

Our Chief Guest for the event was Sri Balukrushna. Balukrushna sir lost the power of sight but was gifted the power of music and vocals. Sir performed for us with harmonium and mesmerised us with his melodious voice. He just didn’t came and mesmerised us with his melodious voice but also inspired us that goals can be achieved irrespective of what obstacles and difficulties came to your way, it’s just you need to be determined by heart and relentlessly work towards achieving your set goals. He left but there are four lines which we would like to dedicate him and thank him for teaching us how to value things in life.

Nigaho mein manzil thi,
gire aur gir kar sambhalte rahe,
hawao ne bahut koshish ki,
magar chirag aandhiyo mein bhi jalte rahe.

The event was not just about celebrating institute day but it was a vote of thanks to all the people who have been a part of XIMB and helped it to grow to the heights where it is right now. We hope to continue this in the coming years and see to it that each and every stakeholder of XIMB is equally important and see to it that we all grow together to achieve our and institute’s desired goals.

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Saturday, December 10, 2011

World's AIDS Day Mini Marathon, "Getting down to zero": 1st Dec 2011

December 1 is observed as Worlds AIDS Day. On this day we reaffirm our stand as a global community to do away with the pandemic of AIDS that is caused by the HIV virus. A team of SRC members made their way to Ekamra Haat where Orissa State AIDS Control Society (OSACS) was conducting a Mini Marathon to raise awareness about the pandemic AIDS and the 2011 theme of "Getting to Zero". 

Donning pristine white T-shirts and caps provided by OSACS, we were joined by students from various educational institutions, men, women and kids affected by AIDS, bisexuals and other curious onlookers. Armed with placards and banners, we took the winding route from Ram Mandir to Jaydev Vihar. The fervent enthusiasm of all those who were part of the Mini Marathon was palpable. 

Our friends suited up in ballooned condom outfits drew quite a few snickers from the onlookers, but they were truly successful in breaking the taboo of all talk related to sex was a social no-no. In all we can call the Mini Marathon to be a major success in terms of the turnout of masses and being able to communicate effectively the fact that AIDS is one hydra-headed monster that calls for our joint effort to decapitate it once and for all!

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Friday, December 9, 2011

World's AIDS Day: 1st Dec 2011, "Getting down to zero"

AIDS, being such a dreadful disease which has taken the lives of 25 million people in the world, has to be fought against tooth and nail collectively by the human race. The year 2011 marked the vision of "Getting down to zero" which means zero discrimination towards AIDS affected patients and bringing down newly infected HIV patients to zero. SRC in collaboration with GFATM and Concern Worldwide successfully organised AIDS day in XIMB. As our part, SRC made its contribution by conducting an event to spread awareness  in the adjacent slum area. 


A poster competition was conducted on the theme "Getting to Zero" in XIMB. It was open to all XIMB and NISWAS (NGO) students. The  response from the students alongwith their creative designs was extremely heartening. In the competition,the team comprising of 'Praptasha and Purbasha' clinched the  first place and the team of 'Deepti Panwar & Jayita Das' came second. 

First Prize 

As a new initiative, on AIDS day we  decided to conduct the event in a slum area  so as to reach out to a segment most vulnerable to the disease. This time we zeroed in on a place nearby XIMB, i.e 'Salia-sahi'. The event was kickstarted with a wonderful skit by NISWAS. Their theme was on ‘How to deal with an AIDS patient and how to get zero discrimination for AIDS patients’. 

After that we had a small briefing session by some counselors from OSACS and some volunteers from NISWAS. Next, the team from XIMB performed  a skit with the help of X-stage on the theme ‘Women empowerment to fight against AIDS’. Following that, there was a small video in Oriya on AIDS awareness played on a projector to make the audience perceive and understand better about AIDS and its after effects.

Finally the event drew to a close with the thanks giving vote and distribution of mementos to NISWAS and XIMB representatives by Nithin Gopinadh. The event turned out to be a huge success as was evident in the large turn up from the localities, NISWAS students and XIMB students. We  hope that our event has made an impact in the minds of those people, cleared their notions about AIDS and will definitely play a defining role in the achievement of "Getting down to zero".

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