Saturday, December 10, 2011

World's AIDS Day Mini Marathon, "Getting down to zero": 1st Dec 2011

December 1 is observed as Worlds AIDS Day. On this day we reaffirm our stand as a global community to do away with the pandemic of AIDS that is caused by the HIV virus. A team of SRC members made their way to Ekamra Haat where Orissa State AIDS Control Society (OSACS) was conducting a Mini Marathon to raise awareness about the pandemic AIDS and the 2011 theme of "Getting to Zero". 

Donning pristine white T-shirts and caps provided by OSACS, we were joined by students from various educational institutions, men, women and kids affected by AIDS, bisexuals and other curious onlookers. Armed with placards and banners, we took the winding route from Ram Mandir to Jaydev Vihar. The fervent enthusiasm of all those who were part of the Mini Marathon was palpable. 

Our friends suited up in ballooned condom outfits drew quite a few snickers from the onlookers, but they were truly successful in breaking the taboo of all talk related to sex was a social no-no. In all we can call the Mini Marathon to be a major success in terms of the turnout of masses and being able to communicate effectively the fact that AIDS is one hydra-headed monster that calls for our joint effort to decapitate it once and for all!


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