Saturday, August 18, 2012

Independence Day Celebrations

“Freedom has its life in the hearts, the actions, and the spirit of men”
Call it a sacred duty or an extension of the self, Independence Day is an event of importance for everyone. This year 15th of August was organized by the Social Responsibility Cell of XIMB and celebrated in the campus with zeal and glory. The morning of 15 August was observed with a flag hoisting ceremony and cultural activities thereafter. The presence of Honorable Director and esteemed faculties of XIMB fraternity, students, and other staffs made the event livelier. The flag hoisting was followed by speeches by faculties and students.

The speeches focused on a critical thought, is India really free after 65 years? A speech was also delivered by one of XIMB’s own mess bhainas which left the crowd spellbound. Patriotic songs by students connected with each one present there to grace the wonderful occasion. A play was organized which indeed was an eye-opener for all spectators. The students performed on the lines of freedom fighters and portrayed how importance was freedom then and what is it in today’s world. It left all with a question to reflect upon. The play was well acknowledged by the onlookers. Wishes and messages were shared among each other as the ambience was filled with the flavor of freedom. A call for responsibility, a call for brotherhood, a call for humanity was the subtle undercurrent carried by the series of events throughout the celebrations.

The celebrations were not the end of the day. To give a new meaning to the vibrant Independence Day, the Social Responsibility Cell visited Daya, a home for girls. The interaction started with introduction and fun activities. The first activity was “Follow the leader” which acted as a warm up and amusement. The place echoed with kids cheering and laughing. Then followed a group activity called “Passing the parcel” in which a few SRC members also participated to encourage the kids. In course of the game the kids showcased their talent of singing, dancing and storytelling. The degree of enthusiasm among the children was commendable. Then a “Learning Paper Craft” session was organized in which some SRC members taught certain paper craft making skills and shared some creative techniques with them.

The response from the kids’ end was overwhelming. This also reflected the bonding among them, as they were helping each other with the paper crafts. The moment was striking and a touchy one. The day came to an end just like any good thing. The goodbyes and messages will always remain etched in our memories. Their glowing eyes just had one expectation –of love. If their education and livelihood means are facilitated by our efforts then one day we can call India free in the true sense. The Social Responsibility Cell of XIMB looks forward with hope to be able to join hand in spreading joy in their lives in days to come and elevate the factor of freedom with each Independence Day.JAI HIND !



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