Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year Celebration at Anand Mission

Most of us like the idea of being socially responsible.  Most of us respect our neighbors.  Most of us care about the other guy.  The reality is that this is much easier to do in good times than it is in tough times.  How can those of us in project and program management be highly socially responsible in these tough times? 

Our projects affect many stakeholders.  We typically focus on the immediate stakeholders, such as those that will benefit from an application, those that will use a building, those that are financing a project, and the like.  Being socially responsible usually involves extending the range of our identified stakeholders to include the public at large, and perhaps the less fortunate in society.  These extended stakeholder communities are important whether we are in the midst of good times or bad times. How do we cater to them?

With all these challenge is mind we arrived at a conclusion to take up supporting an Orphanage. Swami Vivekananda has said “Give me 40 young men; I can change the face of the world”. Children have the power to make or break the future of the society. Their well-being directly reflects upon the society’s well being at large. We decided to do what best we can in their healthy up bringing for them to act as strong pillars of our society.

Apart from a considerate heart one also needs the money to help the orphanage. Moreover a socially responsible project apart from the beneficiaries should strive to involve the community at large. Hence we came up with the idea of a paper collection drive to collect funds and use them to support the orphanage on an ongoing basis. 
A happy kid is a healthy kid. In addition to the significant material contribution we also decided to spread smiles on the eve of the New Year 2012. We celebrated the New Year day with the kids with various competitions and sweets. Changing the face of the orphanage entirely may not be possible at this stage, yet we have made a significant positive impact not just on their lives but also made the XIMB community sensitive to the needs of the needy children.


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