Friday, October 21, 2011

Flood Relief Initiative by SRC

There were devastating floods in most of the parts of Orissa. The life of lakhs of people was completely disrupted. Many organizations were struggling hard to support those victims. Red Cross played a major role in it by providing the medical help, food and relief kits in most of the villages. Social Responsibility Cell of XIMB provided the opportunity to XIMB students to be the part of the noble cause in association with Red Cross. Even I was the part of this flood relief team of XIMB.  The job I got was to distribute relief kits consisting of a bucket with tap, two soaps, three metal mugs, dettol, a bed sheet, small rope, chlorine tablets for water purification, bandage and  big size plastic cover, and create a summarized document of the whole activity.
We accompanied a supervisor from Red Cross Mr Sushant Patnayak and with 400 relief kits we visited a hamlet in Kendrapara district. There I was shock to see the situation in which those villagers were living. Water logged almost every were, hardly few huts were in their shape rest all was destructed. Villagers were in so much need that they literally ran behind the truck almost a kilometer. It’s very difficult to do the distribution work in that situation because villagers are in such a great need that they literally fight for those kits.  Somehow we managed to do the distribution with the help of volunteers present in the village. And I also note down the beneficiaries’ details.  It took us around six hours to complete the distribution process. 

This was really a great experience, it taught me the lesson for my life time that in disaster situation people are so much affected that they almost forget rationality. They are in such a great need that it’s really impossible for any organization to provide a complete support. I want to thank SRC for providing me the opportunity, were I could develop such a useful insight.


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