Sunday, August 21, 2011

XIMB Candle March: Eve of Independence Day, 2011

Independence Day- the commemoration of the death of the ceaseless crusaders was celebrated at XIMB in its own unique style of candle light march. On the eve of August 15th, the Social Responsibility Cell (SRC) of XIMB organised the Independence Day event that witnessed mass gathering of our ever-busy XIMBians to serve the purpose and show the spirit of patriotism. Many volunteers shared their views on Independence and its relevance today, sang patriotic songs, took oath for being a better human for making India an even better place to live in. There was not one genre where the spirit of XIMBians looked faded.

Soon our enthusiastic XIMBians displaying the diversified cultures marched with the lighted candles signifying continuity, connection and courage.
  • Continuity- To continue doing the noble deeds in the path of our National leaders
  • Connection- For connecting ourselves to the destiny that our forefathers dreamt of steering through
  • Courage- To resist and courageously fight against the harmful social elements

The march itself was a challenge as the students faced a tough task of keeping the candles lit despite the blowing wind. This personified the obstacles that youth would face when they are in their righteous path towards goal.

The march ended as the students decorated a magnificent map of India with the lighted candles, symbolically representing ‘making India glow with pride’.

In a nutshell, the candlelight march, the brain-child of SRC-XIMB, portrayed the essence of ‘Unity in Diversity’ amongst the entire XIMB Community and the way we make the best out of it.


Anonymous said...

Beautifully done... Just hope that when u pass out from XIMB, u intelligent fellas can help people like Arvind Kejriwal in wiping out corruption from India.

Anonymous said...

It's often our love for our nation that binds us together..that makes us empathise with the weaker sections of our society..It's no surprise that SRC stirred our patriotic sentiments in such a wonderful way. Proud to be a part of that candle march.
Sankalp Nanda

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