Wednesday, July 6, 2011


To commemorate love and joy, the festival of Holi is celebrated throughout India with a carnival of colours. This opportunity was taken by SRC to spread a little joy and love to the young children at the orphanage in Salia Sahi, Bhubaneswar. Members of SRC reached the orphanage with colours and sweets for the children. The children were quite overjoyed to see this and readily came forward to play with a lot of enthusiasm. They happily applied colours on each other and on the SRC members. After playing for sometime, sweets were distributed among the children which was consumed gladly within no time. But it does not end there. The event also saw these young children performing song and dance routines for everyone else to see. It was quite a pleasure to see such amazing talent among such young children. Finally on their request, some of the SRC members also pitched in with the singing and dancing alongwith them, making it quite a memorable experience, both for them as well as the members.

Initiatives of such kind make us realize that how the small things in life can actually bring in so much happiness. Seeing all the young faces lit up with smiles and then bidding adieu with a request from their side to visit them again makes one realize how a little effort from our side goes a long way in bringing some joy to these love-deprived children.


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