Saturday, December 11, 2010

E-Literacy Project in Salia Sahi

The Social Responsibility Cell (SRC) of XIMB in association with Rotary International recently undertook an e-literacy project for the adult residents of Salia Sahi in the city of Bhubaneswar. The project was an extension of a similar e-literacy project undertaken by the Social Responsibility Cell last year. The objective of the project was to teach the adults how to read and write in Oriya with the help of very interactive software designed by Tata Consultancy Services. The software enables the students, adults in this case, to learn to read and write in Oriya in a very interactive manner. The software covers different modules wherein it teaches right from forming words to framing sentences in Oriya, all the while relating the words and sentences with relevant pictures, making it all the more engaging.

The teaching session were carried out in a school in Salia Sahi. Members from the SRC took up the responsibility of demonstrating the software to the Principal of the school and then to the adults of Salia Sahi. The sessions were conducted at a convenient time in the evening after the people were back from their work. The sessions were attended by the women and men of Salia Sahi who cannot read or write. It was heartening to witness the enthusiasm of the adults about learning through a computer. Many of them mentioned that due to the interactive nature of the software, they found it easier to remember what they had learnt. The women were also very happy since many of them knew how to read but not how to write. They were thankful that by learning how to write, they could now sign their names, which is a mandatory criterion for the members of Self Help Groups (SHG).

As for the members of the SRC, it was a great experience to interact with the residents of Salia Sahi and to witness their interest and enthusiasm. It always gives a great feeling when one is able to make a positive difference in someone’s life and thanks to the Rotary Club and XIMB; the students got this great opportunity. The e-literacy campaign taught not only the adults from Saliya Sahi but also the non-Oriya students of XIMB who had volunteered for the project. 

These kind of projects need to be taken up more and more as they serve to sensitize the volunteers who are the future world citizens. The project has set a solid foundation for more such e-literacy projects in the future and will indeed serve as a great example for whoever is looking to take it up in future.


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