Sunday, November 21, 2010

Spreading the joy of Diwali

Diwali is a festival that symbolises the victory of good over evil, of light over darkness, of happiness over gloom and spreads message of brotherhood, secularism and amity. And what better way to celebrate this festival of light and charm, than to bring a smile on the faces of the most neglected and downtrodden section of the society. The social responsibility cell of XIMB did just that, as they along with batch-mates celebrated the festival of lights with the residents of Sneh, an orphanage in the nearby Salia Sahi slum.

The children of the Salia Sahi were given a day to remember forever, thanks to the efforts of the SRC, which lived up to its motto – “We believe we can make a difference”. And they did indeed made a difference in the lives of several children, as they spent the evening playing and celebrating the joyous occasion with them. The SRC team took sweets and crackers along with them for the kids and elderly people. They became one with the kids, as they sang and danced and burst crackers with the young ones.

Indeed, celebrating Diwali with these kids and seeing them enjoy themselves to the hilts made the day for us. The sparkling festival never looked more beautiful than this! It was certainly a day that will remain etched forever in the memories of all those present, the kids as they were given a gift of a feeling of love, of being cared for and the SRC, as they left the place, contented to have done another bit for the society, with a promise to themselves to return again next time, and spend many more such evenings trying to bring a smile on the faces of the kids.


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