Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Save Electricity & Water Campaign.

The Save Electricity and Water Campaign was launched by the Social Responsibility Cell(SRC) of XIMB in June this year. It basically aims at creating awareness among the students of XIMB on the importance of judiciously using these resources and saving them.

Several posters on water conservation were put up at various places. This included putting up posters near the wash-basins, in the hostel bathrooms, in the college washrooms and near the water coolers. The posters contained the message that water being a scarce resource should be saved for the future. The other posters on saving electricity were put up in the classrooms, the hostel corridors, near the switch boards, near the elevators and several other places in the college. Each poster had the message of saving as much electricity as one could. These posters designed by the SRC members were very attractive and contained eye catching slogans on conservation.

Also the SRC volunteers conducted some awareness sessions amongst the students and the staff where the importance and scarcity of electricity and water was told. We also told the ways in which one could minimize their usage.

It has been 2 months now after the launch of the Save Electricity & Water Campaign, and we have found a lot of difference in the campus. People have become more conscious about saving electricity and water. There are lesser number of fans and lights running in empty rooms and class rooms, less number of people are using the lifts, the water wastage has also significantly reduced. So, the campaign has been pretty successful.

We at SRC are not only concerned about the socially backward but are concerned about planet as a whole. We are committed to create a happier world!


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